The Center for Independent Living (CIL)

5 Core Services:

  • Advocacy – starts with education. The CIL is dedicated to assisting consumers in knowing and expressing their rights with the goal of promoting systemic and community changes that will benefit the entire community.
  • Information and Referral – allows consumers to use network of resources and partners to support them in everyday living. The CIL can assist with information about who to contact in areas such as; housing, advocacy, transportation, employment and assistive technology. Among many others.
  • Skills Training – provide by the CIL to assist a person in achieving their independent living goals. Examples might be money management, basic computer skills, cooking, how to use public transit, resume building, etc.
  • Peer Support – is one-on-one or group interaction where individuals with a disability are supported and empowered by someone with a similar life experience.
  • Transition – covers most major life changes, such as youth with disabilities moving from high school to college or from education to the workforce; moving out of a nursing home into community-based living, changing jobs, moving homes. The CIL can provide support in these times of big changes to make the transition as successful as possible.